Monday, April 5, 2010

FINALLY!! She's here :)

I spent the weekend getting to know someone and I can say I’m totally in love :)

As you guys might recall, I spent the last few months whining and complaining about my camera and I convinced hubby that I needed a new one. I was originally set on an advanced digital camera since it would have been a huge upgrade from the one I had but hubby convinced me that I needed to go big or go home. So…… that’s my story :) I’m now the proud owner of an SLR and I love it. There is so much I don’t know so I would appreciate any tips from experienced users.

Here are some of the first few test shots I took:

My munchkin in the bath

Playing with his car

Some frames in my family room

My munchkin just being cute :)

I look forward to having lots of pictures to share. Now off to see "Dancing with the stars" because I can't help but feel TERRIBLE for the Kate Gossling fiasco.

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  1. I have the same camera. Hubby got it for me about 1 and half ago. It takes amazing photographs. You are going to Love It! The easter pics look amazing!



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