Friday, March 12, 2010

Fridays are my favorite day

Friday is here people ;) I love Fridays because it's the day when you wake up and realize... the weekend is here. It's perfect because you know you will have two whole days to do whatever you want... ANYTHING :) There is no better phrase than TGIF.

On another note, yesterday hubby sends me an email with the title “Puppies”. Before I continue, you have to know that he has been trying to convince me to get a dog ever since he realized my son loves them. We have always agreed that we wouldn’t have a dog, not because we don’t love them but because they are a lot of work and we chose to have a baby instead. Back to my story, I ignore the email because I know exactly what he is doing. He called me 3 TIMES yesterday to see if I had checked the email. When he gets home from work he brought home coldstone (I knew he had something up his sleeve) and after I thank him with a big kiss, he pulls out the laptop and opens the email with this pic:

Husband: aren’t they cute

Me: yes, but we are not getting one

Husband: But Matt told me he really wants one

Me: Matt can’t take care of a dog

Husband: But it’s the golden dog

Me: The golden dog can’t teach itself to go poop outside or feed himself or take himself to the groomer. We are not getting a puppy.

I have a feeling this isn’t over. Enjoy your weekend friends :)


  1. Emma....I am on Joey's side for this one! I got this email too and I fell in love instantly. I even told Joey if I got a dog could I keep it at your house...I will go by and take care of it everyday!! LOL
    So yeah Fridays ROCK, Puppies ROCK, YOU ROCK & I definately ROCK!

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  3. I'm on Joey's side too. Just don't let him know that or he'll never leave you alone. I think all children should grow up with dogs around! Just let Joey know he's fully responsible lol.

    I've been wanting a dog myself lately!

  4. We're the opposite. I finally suckered my husband into a puppy. and you're right. They are HARD work. I feel like I'm chasing a toddler around the house and cleaning up pee non stop.
    They are cute though.

  5. Chalk another one up for Joey: I think dogs teach kids all kinds of things that they don't learn from one another. Little Matt might not be able to take care of a pup at first, but he'll learn to love it unconditionally and he'll learn to take care of those who can't speak for themselves.

    Until Matt can handle the pup, Joey should be the one chasing after him, feeding & cleaning. :)

  6. Thanks guys... I will make sure Joe doesn't read this post ;) lol


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