Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time Travel Thursday

Earlier this week my friend Zuri asked me to suggest a Paris hotel since she and her awesome boyfriend will be celebrating medical school graduation with a trip to Europe. Her phone call inspired me to travel back in time to 2007 for our honeymoon. Hubby and I were able to spend 15 days visiting Paris, Normandy and Venice. Paris, in my opinion, is the most romantic city I have visited. I really enjoyed our long morning walks around the city and the stops at little sidewalk cafes where we lingered for hours at a time just drinking coffee, people watching and planning our day. Normandy made us appreciate the courage of our country, something we sometimes take for granted. Venice is the most unique place I have ever visited. I definitely felt a sense of “wow…this is a place to see”. We have the fondest memories of this trip and we always talk about doing it again one day. Until then…..

Wish I was there now...

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