Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I don't think I had a chance to blog about it but this year my new year’s resolution is to read at least 1 book per month. For you mean people that want to laugh at my small goal of reading 12 books this year.... please try reading with a toddler in your household.

So back to my story, I started with "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks in January. Overall I really liked the book. Nicholas Sparks always finds a way of making his endings so real and I really enjoy that about his books (I also secretly love books that make me cry). I went to the movie a few weeks after reading the book and was very disappointed. I guess that's a good lesson, never watch a movie based on a book just weeks after finishing said book.

February is "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, I said "is", I'm still reading it. I said I would read 1 book per month, not 1 book a month ;) So far I LOVE it, hoping to finish it this week so that I can start on my March book. Any good book suggestions?

Ps - I'm really interested in starting a serious book club, anyone interested?

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