Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Farm

The little farm in pictures:
Matt staring at the huge scary turkey

The beautiful Lori and Danicah

Munchking on his first pony ride (he was a little scared at first) but my friend Mady made him at ease

My lovely friend Daniela and Annabella (Matt's girlfriend)

Feeding the animals (Matt wasn't in the mood for a picture)

But then he felt better

New walkers coming thru

The munchkin and I

My amazing friend MAdy  (who decided to take a risk for the day and go to the farm with a bunch of toddlers and their moms)

Watching a little presentation

Ready to go to lunch

The babies happy after lunch

We had a great day and Matthew go to see new animals.


  1. Not for nothing but our friends make some GREAT looking kids!I had such a nice day with you guys!

  2. Mady, you're not kidding about the cute munchkins! :) So cute!


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